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Premier Professional Pageant Coaching & Runway Training


Building the confidence to unleash your power.

Discover the excellence of Crown Bound Pageant Consulting, a premier coaching service that has elevated winners at local, state, and national levels since 2014. Based in Maryland, Crown Bound Pageant Consulting supports clients in multiple states nationwide, providing in-person and virtual coaching services.

Crown Bound Pageant Consulting Success

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Kara McCollough

Miss USA 2017


Miss District of Columbia USA 2017


Kelley Reed

Ms. Black USA 2023

Ms. Black District of Columbia USA 2023


Ingrid Bynum

Mrs. Virginia America


4D6404AC-52E4-4735-B0EE-54AEB2EF9F07_L0_001-10_30_2023, 11_42_23 PM.jpg

Ashley McAleese

United States of America Miss Virginia 2024

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