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Founder & Pageant Coach

Miss District of Columbia USA 2014
Miss Maryland United States 2013

Ciera's journey is a testament to resilience and determination, shaped by a childhood in the inner city of Baltimore where pageantry seemed like an unattainable dream. Despite discouragement from those close to her, she defied the odds and pursued her passion. 

Starting as a teenage runway model, she navigated a path that led her to become the proud founder of Crown Bound Pageant Consulting. Before then, Ciera served as President of community model organizations, which served as safe spaces, keeping teenagers off of the streets. 


Her undergraduate years at Marymount University were marked by dynamic engagement in various organizations. Ciera not only founded The L.I.S.T. (Ladies Inspiring Strength for Tomorrow) but also assumed pivotal roles as its President and Vice President. Simultaneously, she showcased her leadership prowess as the Head of Public Relations for the Fashion Department at Marymount.


In 2013, she triumphed as Miss Maryland United States, a significant achievement given her self-taught approach and financial constraints that initially kept pageant coaching out of reach. The following year, in 2014, Ciera won the prestigious title of Miss District of Columbia USA, where she went on to compete for the coveted Miss USA title. This dream come true not only fueled her aspirations but also gave birth to Crown Bound Pageant Consulting.


Today, Ciera brings her experience and passion to empower others on their unique journey to pageant success. Her story serves as an inspiration, showcasing that dreams can be achieved through resilience, even with a late start, and that unconventional paths can lead to crowned victories.

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