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Rookie Mistakes - Swimsuit Edition

Distinguishing between a rookie and vet during a competition is always easy. There are several telltale signs that stand out and can make you noticeable for the wrong reasons, even if you excel on stage and have a stunning appearance.

  • Pairing evening gown earrings with your swimsuit. This is a big mistake. Instead, opt for studded hoops, which are more suitable and still provide the desired bling.

  • Wearing closed-toe shoes. Save closed-toe shoes for the interview portion; never wear them on stage.

Bonus Tip: Choose nude-colored shoes that match your skin tone.

  • Selecting the wrong swimsuit style. This is crucial.

👎🏾G-strings and thongs are inappropriate.

👎🏾Ruched one-piece swimsuits are unflattering.

👎🏾Avoid prints, unless the pageant specifically provides sponsored printed swimsuits. Stick to solid colors.

👎🏾Strings around the waist are too distracting and detract from a cleaner look.

✨Stick to a solid two-piece swimsuit that flatters your figure.

  • Neglecting to get a spray tan or applying excessive baby oil. Spray tans are essential for the stage. They even out your skin tone and conceal minor imperfections. Get one. I recommend Tanning with Jenny in College Park, Maryland, or The Bronze Collective in Alexandria, VA.

  • Using baby oil.

👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 Applying too much of it will make you appear excessively oily, resembling a fitness model. This is not the desired look. A subtle shine or shimmer is preferable.

  • Failing to practice with a sarong. We've all experienced that moment during pageant check-in when we're informed that the top 15 contestants receive a sarong. Panic sets in. This is why it's crucial to practice ahead of time. You never know what challenges the pageant weekend may present!

Were you aware of these no-gos? If not, I hope this information proves helpful!

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