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What Every Pageant Contestant Should Know - Tips For Success

Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanches Hugging Miss District of Columbia USA Ciera Nicole Butts
Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez Hugging Miss District of Columbia USA Ciera Nicole Butts

No matter if you're a pageant newbie or a veteran competitor, there is always room for growth and improvement to enhance your performance as a contestant. Here are some tips to help pageant contestants excel during pageant weekend.


Pageant headshots play a crucial role in leaving a positive first impression. It is highly recommended to have professional photographers capture your headshots to ensure high-quality results. Submitting an unprofessional headshot, such as a selfie, indicates that you are NOT equipped for the job. When selecting a headshot photo, be mindful of choosing one that showcases your personality and sets you apart from other contestants. It is important to be cautious of excessively edited images and ensure that your appearance in person still matches the photo.


The pageant interview holds immense importance as it heavily influences the judges' scoring and determines your chances of winning the crown. Proper preparation is essential, and one effective way to prepare is by watching interviews from similar pageants in previous years to understand the types of questions typically posed to contestants.

EVERY PAGEANT SYSTEM IS DIFFERENT. Seeking advice from former contestants and working with experienced pageant coaches, like Crown Bound Pageant Consulting can provide valuable insights and help you excel in this critical aspect of the competition.

Familiarize yourself with the interview process, including the length and typical number of questions asked. Be well-versed in current events, have confident responses and opinions, and differentiate yourself by showcasing your personality and personal brand. Maintain a poised and confident demeanor, smiling and making eye contact with the interviewer throughout.

On-Stage Presentation:

Your pageant walk significantly impacts your overall score. Maintaining a confident and poised demeanor is crucial while walking across the stage. Your posture should be upright, reflecting confidence and demonstrating to the judges that you possess the qualities needed to succeed as the next face of the organization. Maintaining a polished and elegant stride are vital aspects that earn high scores during this round.

Evening Gown Walk:

During the evening gown round(My favorite, btw), contestants must wear a gown that effortlessly flows as they gracefully walk on the stage. This phase of the competition focuses on showcasing grace, poise, and elegance. Exuding confidence, making eye contact with the judges, and presenting an overall glamorous appearance is essential.

Swimsuit Walk:

When walking the pageant stage in a swimsuit, confidence is key. It is important to convey a healthy lifestyle and walk with assurance. Again, pay attention to your posture, as it plays a crucial role in presenting yourself effectively. Unlike walking in an evening gown, this walk tends to be more upbeat and fun.

Evening Gown:

Choosing a figure-flattering gown that reflects your personality significantly increases your chances of winning the crown. Opt for a gown that suits your body type, sweeps the floor in the front, and aligns with the type of pageant you are participating in. Comfort, confidence, poise, and grace are key factors to consider when selecting a pageant gown.

Hair & Makeup:

In pageant competitions, the judges evaluate the contestants' overall image, including their hair and makeup. Hairstyling plays a vital role in completing your look and boosting your confidence. Consulting with professional hair and makeup teams can help you create the best pageant hairstyle that enhances your features and complements your wardobe. We recommend consulting with our partners to achieve your winning look.

Ultimately, it is crucial for you to understand that you are vying for a job, and that job is to be the face of the organization you are competing in.

I hope these tips resonate with you and empower you to enter pageant weekend with the confidence to succeed.

Are you ready to take the next step and prep like a winner? Schedule a consultation now.


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